Father of Delbert Belton Murder Suspect, Steven Kinard, Has Long Criminal History

As news emerged that a teen murder suspect and his father, Steven Kinard, have alleged that murdered war hero Delbert Belton was a dealer of Crack Cocaine, it also came to light that the elder Kinard has a criminal record of his own for dealing drugs.

In fact, one might say it appears to have been something of a family affair.

The elder Kinard and his brother Terrence, Adams-Kinard’s uncle, have had run-ins with the law. Terrence made headlines a few years ago for appealing to a federal judge while awaiting sentencing on drug charges to spend Thanksgiving at his mother’s home. At the time, he had failed to appear for numerous court dates. But both men said it would be unfair to link Adams-Kinard with their past mistakes.

Numerous? Actually, per a 2009 news report, the one suspect’s uncle seems to be Terrence A. “T-Baby” Kinard, who despite failing to show up for court 75 times, was still given a furlough to go home for Thanksgiving that year: Judge lets drug dealer out of jail for Thanksgiving

Apparently even the federal government is feeling generous this time of year.

A Spokane-area drug dealer who has failed to show up for court 75 times and is awaiting sentencing on his latest cocaine conviction will be allowed to leave the Spokane County Jail next week to spend Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

But a funny thing happened on the way to that furlough: Brothers may spend Thanksgiving in jail together. Suspect  Kenan Adams-Kinard’s father, Steven Kinard, was also arrested for dealing drugs before his incarcerated brother was furloughed so he could visit the very home police searched when arresting Steven Kinard.

A man whose family has been fighting to get him out of prison for a Thanksgiving furlough will have some company at the jail over the holidays. Terry Kinard?s brother Steven was arrested for drug dealing Tuesday in East Central Spokane.

Steven Kinard was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in East Central Spokane. His arrest comes less than a week after he made an impassioned plea for his brother Terry, also in jail on drug dealing charges, to be allowed a furlough to visit their elderly ailing mother for Thanksgiving.

All we’re trying to do is just get a little time for my brother to come home and see his mom ya know, Steven said last Wednesday.

The investigation into charges that Steven was dealing drugs began before the request to have his brother receive a furlough for Thanksgiving was filed.

The entire sad episode was actually captured in this news video report at the time. It would almost be funny if it weren’t for the brutal murder of an 88 year-old war hero Delbert Belton, whose good name is now being smeared by charges of drug dealing – charges his family and friends dismiss as utterly ridiculous.