Man Arrested For Filming the Rape of 8 Year Old Child at WA School

BELFAIR, Wash. – According to authorities, a man who was serving as the vice president of the parent-teacher association in Mason County has been charged with videotaping the rape of an 8-year-old girl at an elementary school and then posting the video on the internet. Mason County resident 37-year-old David M. Navarro faces federal child pornography charges after prosecutors say he shared videos (presumably of himself) sexually assaulting a young girl at Belfair Elementary school. 

Navarro was arrested last Friday and appeared in U.S. District Court earlier this week. 

North Mason School District Superintendent David Peterson said Navarro was a past president of the PTA as well as a school volunteer. Peterson added that Navarro had passed a State Patrol background check prior to volunteering at the school. 

“While we cannot share a great deal of detail, nothing in the investigation indicates that the school should have been aware of or taken action in this case,” Peterson said in a statement. “The FBI informed us today that this is not something the school could reasonably have prevented.”

Investigators in Australia and Denmark analyzing several videos showing the rape of a young girl, determined that the videos were made at the Kitsap Peninsula school. Navarro was arrested after being identified by Danish authorities who then shared the information with U.S. authorities. 


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