Happy Part-Time Labor Day

Thanks to the lingering sluggish economy, and the looming implementation of Obamacare–in other words, thanks to President Barack Obama–the U.S. workforce (such as it is) is rapidly shifting towards part-time rather than full-time work. Reuters, no less, noted recently that 75% of jobs created this year are part-time: “three out of four of the nearly 1 million hires this year are part-time and many of the jobs are low-paid.”

The American worker remains the world’s most productive–when he or she is given the chance. Opportunity is rare–and the Obama administration has been stacking up incentives for avoiding work (through extended unemployment benefits, expanded food stamps, and so on). The shift to part-time hours is perhaps a feature rather than a flaw in Obama’s policies: the man himself seems to treat the presidency as a part-time job.