Boehner and Cantor give Obama an unlimited checkbook

In response to Boehner and Cantor Cash Obama’s Syria Check:

I have no doubt Boehner and Cantor are thinking along those lines, Joel, but is that likely to be the effective political aftermath of a Republican-approved Syrian intervention?  The President will feel like he can’t portray the GOP as a bunch of obstructionist grid-locksmiths because they gave him the green light to bomb Damascus?  Is there any evidence whatsoever that Obama (or, really, Democrats in general) ever feel reciprocal warmth for Republican cooperation, or that the media ever paints the situation in that light?   Is Big Media going to tell their readers that the GOP leadership proved its bipartisan cooperation bona fides by working with the Administration on a military action?

I hate to be pessimistic, but I don’t think anything the GOP leadership does could ever “rob Obama of his favorite political tactic.”  No matter what they agree to, he’ll always portray congressional Republicans as roadblocks on the path to Utopia because of what they object to.  Their “intransigence” will always be held up as the reason for America’s malaise.  Whatever Obama initiative they happen to oppose at any given moment will always be the last missing puzzle piece to Paradise.

I wonder if the aftermath of a Syrian campaign might not be Obama asserting that unquestioning compliance to his budget resolution demands is now mandatory.  How can those crazy Republican naysayers hold up funding for the government when THERE’S A WAR ON, BY GUM!  How can they even insist on that hellish sequester any more?  That might even be one of the reasons Obama is so hot to start shooting at somebody right now.  War is a great justification for Big Government.