N. California County Votes to Leave State, Other's Considering

Claiming Sacramento lacks concern for issues that impact them, North California’s Siskiyou County voted in support of leaving the state, as additional counties in Colorado consider a similar effort in their own right.  

Voters in some Colorado counties are also considering secession. The issue is on the ballot in at least three counties.

The sentiments behind the effort dates back to before WWII and were put on hold when war broke out in the 1940s.

The movement became popular, especially in Siskiyou County, where residents have long felt that their concerns are overshadowed by more populated parts of California. It was shelved after the attack at Pearl Harbor, though its spirit lives on today.

California’s Riverside County entertained a similar initiative just two years ago. As many Americans continue to feel more and more disconnected from their political leadership, many wouldn’t be surprised to see such efforts grow.

Over 100 individuals attended the Siskiyou County vote, all but one of them being in favor of leaving the current state government structure behind.


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