Video: Hillary Clinton Heckled About Benghazi Following Acceptance Speech For Liberty Medal

The heckling came at the end of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia which she gave in acceptance for the 2013 Liberty Medal, Tuesday night.

In her speech, Hillary kept it bland,  largely staying away from controversial issues:

Clinton paid lip service to the pressing questions of the day: how the United States should respond to the use of chemical weapons — the question at stake in Syria — and how it should balance the need for both liberty and security. But she did not offer any concrete answer on these highly divisive questions.

Clinton’s speech went on to address the need for working together, across the aisle, to get things done — a topic that is salient given the gridlock in Washington today but also uncontroversial. “When we fail to make progress on the challenges facing our people at home, our standing in the world suffers,” she said.

Things did get interesting following her speech, when a protester could be heard chanting “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!” on the eve of the one year anniversary of the attacks.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:


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