Million Muslim March: 'Handful' Size Turn Out

UPDATE: My Fox News is reporting a “handful” of people showed up to the event.

After sparking outrage for calling their 9/11 event in Washington DC a “Million Muslim March” the group changed the name to the more politically correct “Million Americans Against Fear.” 

The event was organized by M.D. Rabbi Alam, a 9/11 truther who has associated with a radical Muslim cleric and publicly espoused nutty, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. (And loves to post videos on YouTube of himself singing in the car.) He also ran for Secretary of State in Missouri, last year. (I kid you not.)

What are they marching for? “Solidarity of Humanity to Establish Peace, Harmony and Justice through a Civil Right Movement.”

According to the MAMAF Facebook page, “many non-Muslim Americans are terrified of Muslims, who are portrayed by Hollywood and the US media as fanatical terrorists. Muslims, too, live in fear – of being dragged off in the night to Guantanamo and tortured, simply for the crime of being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Sooooo – because those fears are so realistic, I guess Alam fully expected one million Muslims to show up in DC, today to share their horror stories of being dragged off to Gitmo and whatnot. But — judging from the pictures I’ve seen, not quite so many Muslim Americans actually showed up. It looks more like dozens. Not even hundreds let alone thousands.

Meanwhile, the ‘2 million bikers’ counter rally may have fallen short of two million, (actually numbering in the thousands), but it was still quite impressive.



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