Huff Po: CO Gun Recall 'Stunning Victory'

The Huffington Post described the recall of two anti-second amendment, pro-gun control state senators a “stunning victory” for gun rights activists.  Two state senators, including the president of the senate, John Morse and Angela Giron, were handed their walking papers last night by Colorado voters. 

“The highest rank in a democracy is citizen, not senate president,”Morse said in his concession speech, as his supporters solemnly watched,some shedding tears.  Boohoo. And Morse is right, it is the citizen to whom these officials answer. Let this be an example of what happens when elected officials ignore the will of their constituents.

The Colorado legislature had passed a comprehensive gun control package which requires a ban on “high capacity” magazines and background checks for all purchases. Shortly thereafter a recall effort was launched, targeting Morse and Giron who supported the legislation. 

The ballot language in support of the recall stated that the lawmakers were “guilty of contempt for ‘the constitutional liberties of the people’ and ‘firearm manufacturers and for the rights of Colorado citizens.’ ” The recall opponents described their adversaries as “extremists” (of course) and scare-mongered voters by claiming that guns would be available to felons and spouse abusers. 

Nanny Mayor Bloomberg of New York City funneled $350K into the race.

“After tonight, no one should underestimate the political potency of the gun control debate,” Republican strategist Kurt Bardella, who served as a communications consultant on the recall, said in a statement.

Indeed. Anyone else want to step up and slam some anti-second amendment legislation down the citizens’ throats?