Three Wannabe Cops Busted For "Grand Theft Auto V" Scam

Three wannabe cops from Staten Island, Kirolos Abdel Sayed, Frank Santanastaso, and Matthew Kirsheh were arrested for impersonating police officers, all in an effort to cut in line to purchase copies of “Grand Theft Auto V” at a Staten Island Mall.

The trio were busted Tuesday when they claimed to be officers so they could cut in front of a line of hundreds of other people and buy a copy of the video game “Grand Theft Auto V,” according to police.

Kirolos Abdel Sayed, 19, an auxiliary police officer, and his two buddies, Frank Santanastaso, 19, and Matthew Kirsheh, 20, allegedly strolled into the Staten Island Mall just after midnight and flashed a badge so they could get into a GameStop, cops said.

According to reports, they even drove “a former unmarked police vehicle” complete with lights and siren purchased at auction. I don’t know about you, but that’s just a little scary. I’m thinking this may not be the last time these knuckleheads make the news.

Abdel Sayed said, “I’m with the NYPD,” so the trio could get into the mall, according to a source.

They then sauntered into a GameStop store and purchased a copy of the popular game before attempting to make their getaway.