Obama: 'We're Not a Banana Republic' (Video)

The Campaigner in Chief visited a Ford plant in Liberty, Missouri today to harangue Republicans about the need to raise the debt ceiling. “This is the United States of America – not some banana republic”, he said. “This is not a deadbeat nation, we don’t run out on our tab. We can’t just not pay our bills.”

Keep in mind that this usurper has never stopped campaigning in six years. He doesn’t develop relationships with members of Congress and faithfully execute the laws Congress enacts –  he creates, ignores, suspends and/or amend laws based on his own political needs at the moment and then it’s back on the road again to select left wing audiences to bash Republicans because they have the unmitigated gall to not always go along with him.

That’s “Banana Republic stuff” as Charles Krauthammer would say, and I agree with him.


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