Worrying about the Empty Chair generation

In response to An Article Every Student, Intern and Entry-Level Employee Needs to Read:

That all sounds like great advice, Lisa, but I wonder how easily it will rest in the ears of the Empty Chair generation – young people whose formative experiences include electing, and re-electing, a man famous for his ability to avoid responsibility for absolutely everything.  

The evasion of responsibility is the defining characteristic of Obama culture.  His team has it down to an art: tell some crazy lies, get through a news cycle or two, maybe send someone on “paid administrative leave” vacation, then start yelling that every criticism is “old news.”  They’ve done it time and again, from Fast and Furious through the IRS scandal, where nobody has ever been punished, and Frau Lerner is retiring with doubtlessly plush benefits after helping to manage the scandal outbreak (it’s all the fault of “low-level rogue employees in Cincinnati!”) and enjoying a few months of paid vacation as a reward for keeping her mouth shut.

It’s always tough to predict how much political culture influences the young, but they say they’re politically active, and they voted heavily for Obama.  I’ve often wondered how much damage Bill Clinton did to the virtues of integrity and fidelity among the young.  They liked him, too.

And beyond political culture, the collapse of the private sector is all about removing the burden of responsibility from the hapless little people, who cannot be expected to feed themselves, manage their health care, or make wise investments.  We know for a fact that federal programs can destroy a generation – we watched the Great Society do it.  The signals sent by today’s culture of regulation, dependency, and entitlement run entirely counter to every item in the article you cited.