120 Members of Orange County's "Mexican Mafia" Taken Down In Sweep

Just your average immigrants, documented or no, come to America to make their way the old fashioned way in organized crime, no doubt.

In what’s being billed as ‘Operation Smokin’ Aces,’ law enforcement officials throughout Orange County reportedly wrapped up a two-year investigation arresting a total of 129 for crimes including murder, drug trafficking and extortion.

The Mexican Mafia, which controls most of the organized crime around LA, San Diego and parts of Arizona sought and received payments from gangs in Orange County in exchange for freely committing crimes in primarily Latino neighborhoods, according to court documents.

The indictments are designed to cripple the 1,000 strong gang which operates in the heart of Orange County and across Southern California. Among those gang members arrested were those working under the moniker’s of ‘Lil Bogart,’ ‘Creeper,’ ‘Big Shotgun’ and ‘Bugsy.’