Teen Accidentally Hangs Himself as Part of Halloween Prank

Teen Accidentally Hangs Himself as Part of Halloween Prank

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WHAS11) – A teenage boy who dreamed of becoming a Marine, died tragically on Sunday when he accidentally hanged himself while trying to pull off a prank for Halloween. According to his mother, Ginger Rodriguez, 16-year-old Jordan Morlan was decorating the house for October 31 when he decided to prank his little sister by pretending to hang from a noose decoration he put up on a tree. 

According to the coroner, Jordan placed the noose around his neck but became disoriented, cutting his brain off from oxygen within 20 to 30 seconds. His younger sister discovered him and his mother rushed to cut him down but was not able to remove her son from the tree. 

He was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator, comatose. According to his mom, his organs began to fail and he died 12 hours after the accident occurred. 

Jordan was a member of the ROTC rifle team and a sophomore honor student at Fern Creek High School. His mother described him as a motivated young man who had just started applying for jobs and was excited to get his drivers license. 

Rodriguez spoke out about the events, hoping parents will talk to their kids about pulling pranks so that no other family will have to endure a similar tragedy. 



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