Feminism needs to run some internal diagnostic routines

In response to A Woman Doing Something Nice for Her Boyfriend? That’s Sexist!:

Let’s see if I’ve got current feminist thinking right: the sweet young lady who happily makes sandwiches for her boyfriend – an activity she clearly enjoys, and performs with marvelous artistic skill – is a deluded fool who really ought to change the locks and keep him out of the apartment.  The young man in question is a caveman a-hole who should be ashamed of himself for making the little joke that led Sandwich Gal to start tossing bread and cold cuts around.  Why, given the racial characteristics of this cute couple, the whole thing is practically a grim allegory for slavery!

But Huma Abedin is a feminist super-hero for standing by her man while he emails photos of his genitalia to college students, helping him lie shamelessly to cover up his indiscretions to keep his political career alive.  Maybe she’ll get around to dumping him now that Hillary Clinton told her to… and that would be even more evidence of her astounding womyn power.

Besides transgressing against feminist mythology about women in kitchens – one of the lower circles of the Inferno for the liberated gal, and she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t end up chained to the oven, leaning over her baby bulge to make her brutish oppressor a reuben – this incident rubs the wack-a-doodle feminist wing the wrong way because she wants to get engaged.  She’s putting effort into playfully convincing the Earl of Sandwich to buy her a ring and pop the question.  She considers it a goal worth working towards.  And she’s downright bubbly about it.

We old-fashioned reactionary conservative types are thoroughly enchanted, while power feminists howl in outrage.  Which of those mind-sets sounds more like a social, and ultimately biological, dead end?