Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro: Cruz Can't Be President

Sen. Ted Cruz’s fellow Texan in Washington, Democrat Rep. Joaquín Castro thinks Cruz’s recent  speech in Congress ended any chance Cruz may have had of ever being elected President of the United States.

“What became clear this week is that he can’t be president. And the reason is, nobody will follow him. Even people within his own party won’t follow him. And so I think in terms of his long-term prospects, it was fairly damaging,” Castro said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday.

We’re considering polling the question if we can find three people who both know who Castro is and watch MSNBC. Castro then went on to blame Cruz for making the polarization in Washington worse; however, he failed to mention Obama and the White House characterizing Republicans as terrorists in that regard – or Tom Harkin invoking the Civil War.

“I think that he wanted to make a big splash and he certainly has. But he’s done something that I think is unusual, which is he’s made Washington worse, he’s made the polarization worse,” Castro said.

Castro seems to have a decidedly partisan take on what is polarizing and perhaps statesman-like, versus what’s not.