GOP Staffers Complaining About Vitter Amendment

If Congressional staffers complained every time Congress threw taxpayers under the bus, they’d probably never have time to do much of anything else. But at least now we know they’re vocal enough to talk to Mother Jones when looking out for themselves.

There’s a new front in the battle over Obamacare: Republican congressional staffers are angry at their bosses for trying to deprive them of affordable insurance.

“I understand it politically, and as a talking point,” one rank-and-file Republican staffer says of the Vitter and McCaul measures. “But Congress literally threw staff under the bus on this…You’re hurting staff assistants who are sorting your mail.”

While it’s understandable how some lower paid staffers may not be happy about losing an insurance subsidy, that’s precisely what’s happening to many in the private sector. Is it really so wrong to make Congress pay the same price average American pay for their all too often misguided legislation?