Jay-Z Is “Down With The Struggle,” Yo

In response to Former Drug Dealer Jay-Z Still Shows Little Remorse:

Yo! Yo!  Yo! Is anyone surprised by this fools lack of remorse about peddling drogas?  (Drogas is espanol for drugs)

But what has Carter, whose net worth is an estimated $500 million, done to atone for this? Surely funding a rehab-center would be far more effective than generous donations to the Obama campaigns (or, both — he can afford it). Aside from a $1 million donation in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina relief, there isn’t much philantrophy by the Democrat Mr. Carter. Notable names in the black community have criticized Carter, arguing, for instance, that the mogul made over $60 million in 2011… yet gave a paltry $6,000 to charity. (Look up Carter’s charitable donations for yourself. It will not take long… precisely because there isn’t much.)

The fact that his ‘peeps’ are criticizing him for not giving his “community” what it is due, is priceless.I didn’t know that rich black people, or as many in the black community would call them, “Uncle Toms,” were held to the same standards as ol’ Whitey?

Perhaps Jay-Z gets more of a pas than others, after all, he does rap about being “down with the struggle.”