Service Academy Football Games Cancelled For The 'Optics'

In response to During Sequester, Park Ranger Claimed Supervisors Wanted People to ‘Feel the Pain’:

Ace has unleashed his flaming skull for this NRO story, calling it “government by spite.”

The Naval Academy Athletics Director said that he was told that reason the  cost-free Navy/Air Force game had to be cancelled was for “the optics”.

 Asked why the Department of Defense was suspending intercollegiate athletic contests if government funds are not required, Gladchuk said he was told it was about “optics.”

“It’s a perception thing. Apparently it doesn’t resonate with all the other government agencies that have been shut down,” Gladchuk said.

This is how the Regime rolls, and it’s really quite vexing because this nonsense didn’t help Obama win the Sequester argument earlier this year. They overplayed their hand, and Obama’s approval rating actually tanked as a result.

To me, it just looks spiteful.