Wendy Davis Declares For TX Governor, Suddenly Silent On Social Issues

Wendy Davis Declares For TX Governor, Suddenly Silent On Social Issues

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) became a national liberal heart throb thanks to her much publicized filibuster of an abortion bill.

But you wouldn’t know it given her recent announcement for Texas Governor, one perhaps more interesting for what she didn’t say, as opposed to what she did.

Davis, whose filibuster of a state bill limiting abortion made her a hero of the left, has been expected for weeks to announce her bid.

As with all too many liberals, Wendy Davis appears to think people are stupid; how else to explain her ignoring her one true claim to fame?

The speech focused nearly exclusively on bread-and-butter issues — she spent much time discussing her humble beginnings, and the only filibuster she mentioned was one of a bill that cut state education cuts. Davis stayed away from the social issues that made her a national sensation.

Texas Republicans may well have good reason to welcome Davis to the race. With Obama in the White House and liberal Democrats controlling the Senate, Wendy Davis’ rise to national prominence on the Left may come back to hurt her in the end.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) has already announced his candidacy for governor. His campaign was quick with a response to Davis’s announcement.

“Once again, Texas Democrats are attempting to conjure support for California-style candidates that try to sell Obama’s liberal agenda and go against what makes Texas great,” said Abbott Press Secretary Avdiel Huerta. “Nonetheless, we welcome Senator Davis to the race, and look forward to presenting the clear differences and debating the important issues that will preserve the economic miracle in Texas.”