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Obama Has Lost It


It is worth noting that in most of the serious political crises during (or, more accurately, fomented by) the Obama administration, President Barack Obama has done nothing to reach agreements, and much to destroy them. Dealmaking comes down–alarmingly!–to Vice President Joe Biden’s intercessions.

Now there’s an additional reason to question President Obama’s leadership–and competence to hold office: he apparently thinks that he never tried to get media attention as a first-term U.S. Senator–not like that evil, self-interested Ted Cruz. He also, he says, never voted to shut down the government (never mind that vote against the debt ceiling, which even his spokespeople have admitted was a “political” gambit).

How utterly crazy is the president’s claim? He may have kept a low legislative profile in the Senate, where he barely showed up for work, but he was constantly the center of media attention–and made himself so. He led the left’s opposition to the Bush administration, for instance–and the centrist Clinton faction. He wrote The Audacity of Hope–a bestseller, and one that involved much media promotion, of course.

Then there was the whole running for president in his first term thing. Even before the campaign, Obama was making the media rounds, even appearing on a commercial during Monday Night Football in 2006 to tease the media’s appetite for his political ambitions. It doesn’t get much more self-promoting than this:

In fact, all Barack Obama was as a first-term U.S. Senator was a media sensation–the biggest ever. And it’s pretty much all he’s been since, judged by his lack of interest in doing his actual job. To insist otherwise, you’ve really got to be cracked. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe he should step down for Uncle Joe.

In response to Obama’s shutdown war on the American people intensifies:


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