Obama's shutdown war on the American people intensifies

In response to The Shutdown and American Exceptionalism:

Oh, we’ve gone far past barricading open-air memorials, Joel.  On that score, I notice the Vietnam Wall and the Iwo Jima memorial have been added to Obama’s target list, and he really is trying to block off Mount Rushmore, something people were making jokes about a few days ago.  And in Florida, he’s barricaded the ocean.

But now he’s kicking people out of their homes – evicting property owners who had the misfortune to purchase homes on federal land, and didn’t realize a panicked despot would one day decide to use them as props in his sick little Shutdown Theater.  Among Obama’s latest hostages are an elderly couple, 77-year-old Joyce Spencer and her 80-year-old husband Ralph.  Ralph needed a scooter to evacuate when Obama’s shock troops posted their eviction notice.

Republicans should be raising bloody hell about this.  I hope it firms their resolve.  Obama was already unpopular; the American people should actively loathe him now.  And it’s all to protect a health-care program that’s an unmitigated disaster.  Let’s settle for nothing less than ObamaCare gone, use the “shutdown” as a first step to trimming this bloated government down to size, and privatize everything Barack Obama used as a club to beat the American people to their knees.  The Obama “legacy” should be a vastly smaller government, based on his robust demonstration that the existing system is dangerous and cannot be trusted.  He’s made it easy to show the American public that Big Government run by a small, vindictive man is a recipe for disaster.

The time for civil disobedience is at hand.  Veterans and their supporters have defied Barack Obama at the war memorials; Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has defied his thug Administration’s orders.  Patriotic employees of the Park Service should notify their state governors of what’s coming, giving them a head’s-up so they can follow Walker’s lead.

And it’s long past time to make Barack Obama understand the depth of the bankruptcy he’s inflicted on this nation.  No budget resolution submitted to the Senate should include any funding for Obama’s vacations, golfing, or other leisure activities.  Keep the White House budget at its “shutdown” levels – there are still more than enough body servants attending the Imperial presence.  Call it the American Barricade Removal Act.