Famous Beer Stealing Pig Killed In Traffic Accident

Famous Beer Stealing Pig Killed In Traffic Accident

Having gained international fame for stealing beer from campers and starting a fight with a cow, a feral pig in Australia is dead having been hit, most likely by a truck. Locals dubbed him “Swino” after he was featured in a write-up last month for guzzling 18 beers belonging to campers near Port Hedland and then proceeding to pick a fight with a cow. 

Authorities were reportedly on active lookout for “Swino” as incidents of beer stealing were on the rise and seen as a potential danger to visitors.  Unfortunately, authorities found Swino…dead in the road. 

Fiona Findley of the Main Roads department told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “”We had hoped he could become our mascot, so it is a sad end for him. It is a very common occurrence for feral animals to get hit and killed by vehicles, but we are all a bit upset. These guys went out and they could see that apparently Swino had some really distinct markings on his ears. And just by the colouring of him they were able to match up the markings from what they found to some of the photos.”

RIP Swino.  May God have a special place at the bar for you. 

Photo: thedrinkbusiness.com 


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