The Confederate Flag is A Symbol of America's Past

In response to So about that ‘Confederate Flag’:

Of course the  focus would be on the Confederate flag. Nevermind the guy who police stripped away the American flag from, or he others that were pushed around by these very same cops, who  swore to protect and to serve.

The Confederate flag is simply  a symbol of the South. I have a friend who is a Hispanic of ‘dark’ complexion, was raised in Florida, and drives a truck that dawns both the Confederate and American flags.

If you ask him if he is racists for displaying the Confederate flag, he will school you on the history behind the flag, and explain that the flag will forever be a part of America, regardless of whether it is perceived as a dark symbol in our country’s past. 

I am considering getting my first tattoo, a nice Confederate flag sounds pretty cool to me. A.J. you in? Matching Confederate tattoos?