Obama Pal Bill Ayers Rejected in Liberal Stronghold Madison, WI


A scheduled meet and greet with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers in Madison, Wisconsin was cancelled earlier this week, due to lack of demand.

Not even the left wing residents of Mad-town were interested enough in seeing  the aging “small c communist” to pony up $25 big ones for a ticket.

Via the Wisconsin Reporter:

A staffer at the Madison Public Library Foundation, which had scheduled the event, told Wisconsin Reporter they “didn’t have the kind of interest” they thought they’d get, so they nixed the hour long event.

The unrepentant terrorist, whose group, the Weather Underground, engaged in a series of bombings and other terrorist activities from 1969-1981, spoke  Thursday night at the Overture Center in downtown Madison to plug his new book “Public Enemy.” That speech was free to the public and I’ve not seen any media coverage about it to make an assessment about how well that event went.

You can read Jack Cashill’s review of “Public Enemy” at The American Thinker. 

Jack writes, “a genuinely talented writer and a careful observer of the world (especially its menus), Ayers will never write a good book, however, until he commits to writing a truthful one.”

Cashill, as you may know, is the journalist behind the widely believed theory that Ayers wrote “Dreams From My Father”.


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