HHS Makes 'Consumer Friendly' Changes to Obamacare Website

The Department of Health and Human services announced on Sunday that ‘consumer friendly’ changes have been made to the homepage of the Obamacare program.  In addition, HHS are consulting with the “best and the brightest” of technical experts to repair the website glitches.

The new website changes will provide more information without (attempting) to go through a glitchy process of signing up.  It will also provide clear instructions about how to call, download a paper application or call an in-person representative to sign up for the program. 

Joanne Peters, HHS spokeswoman said in a statement released on Sunday “As part of our ongoing efforts to make improvements every day, new content is being featured on HealthCare.gov in response to user feedback. It’s now easier than ever to preview plan information, access a downloadable application form and find in-person help in local communities.”