Charlie Crist Not Welcomed at Bill Young’s Funeral Services


 Charlie “Chameleon”Crist has just been smacked down and stepped on by the widow of former Congressman Bill Young.

In anticipation that Crist would crash and politicize her husbands memorial services, Beverly Young sent this email to Charlie Crist.


This e-mail is to officially advise you that your presence at my husband’s memorial services will be unacceptable. I have watched over the years, as Bill had, your transparent attempts to manipulate the political arena. I don’t want my husband’s memorial service to be another opportunity for that and I will not tolerate anyone turning this into a platform for political gain. Please honor my families request.


Beverly Young Widow of Congressman Bill Young 

You know you are really hated when you receive a letter from a family member of the deceased, requesting that you do not attend funeral services.


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