Media Shocked And Dismayed At Obama's Lack Of Transparency On ObamaCrash

In response to Days Before Launch, Obamacare Site Crashed with ‘Few Hundred People’ Using It:

The ObamaCare site crashed with only a few hundred people using it? That’s odd because we were told that the overwhelming public demand for ObamaCare was causing the technical problems with the state and federal Web sites.

“The interest way exceeded expectations, and that’s the good news,” Obama said in an interview with the AP on October 5. “It shows that people really need and want affordable health care.” 

That has been the narrative the Obama administration has been using to explain the site failures, thus far.

As recently as yesterday Obama was still flogging that dead horse in his  bizarre ObamaCare pep rally; “the number of people who’ve visited the site has been overwhelming, which has aggravated some of these underlying problems,” he explained.

Now that we know that the site crashed with only a few hundred people using it, I think it’s safe to say that explanation is no longer operative – the problems are not linked to traffic at all. 

The White House has been spinning a false narrative…which is what this White House does, of course. It comes as no surprise to conservatives who have been reporting on this clown-show for going on five years now. Obama lied. Duh.

But MSMers are shocked, shocked! that lying is going on in this administration.
Via Hot Air, Howard Kurtz says “the dishonesty has the media changing course on ObamaCare”:
Mark Halperin, the “Game Change” coauthor and a regular on [Morning Joe], called the rollout “unacceptable” and added that “the secrecy is unacceptable,” accusing the administration of withholding information about how many people have signed up.
His fellow panelist, liberal commentator Mike Barnicle, ratcheted up from there: “They’re lying about it now,” he said. “They’re not depriving us of information, they are outright lying.” The former Boston Globe columnist called the administration’s conduct “unacceptable.”
On “CBS This Morning,” the network’s political director, John Dickerson, calls the rollout “a total fiasco,” saying the administration is getting into a “credibility death spiral.” …
As liberal Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein tweeted in mid-address, “So far, this seems weirdly similar to the speech Obama would’ve given if the exchanges were working fine.”
Interesting. The MSM accepted a blizzard of Obama-lies throughout his five years in office –  including epic dishonesty regarding Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, DOJ spying, etc, but it took ObamaCrash for them to openly call him a liar? 

The reason I think for that is – their own credibility is on the line.  As we enter the stickiest stage of the Democrats’ scheme to lead us to Single Payer, millions of middle class Americans are suddenly losing their health insurance and seeing their premiums skyrocket. This after being told repeatedly by the President and his enablers that they wouldn’t lose their plans and their premiums would decrease.

None of Obama’s other scandals directly hit millions of Americans right in their pocketbooks like this one. If the MSM is to retain any credibility at all, some amount of negative reporting is due.

As Brian Cates noted at Big Government: 

They repeatedly lied to the country about keeping plans and keeping doctors and premiums being lower, knowing full well the entire time that this would not be the case.  

But by the time the public figured this out, it would be too late. The law would have already passed and be in force, and millions of people will have had their insurance plans ripped from their fingers before they could even protest about it. 

As I discussed in this previous column, Obama and the Democratic Party knew they had to deliberately mislead as many Americans as possible about what the ACA would do to their health insurance plans in order to pass the bill.  

President Obama asked the country to trust him when he repeatedly promised it the ACA wouldn’t affect people who liked their current plans and wanted to keep them.  He performed perhaps the biggest political dirty trick ever pulled on the American people and he did it openly and brazenly.

He could do that with a clear conscience because like many Progressives, Obama believes in lying to people for their own good.  

Right now the media is focusing on the lack of transparency and lies  about  “technical glitches”  But at some point, they are going to have to talk about the lies Obama told to millions of Americans in order to sell his “signature achievement.” 


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