Grayson, media bias, and the new totalitarianism


In response to Alan Grayson Accuses Martin Bashir of ‘Collaborating’ With The Tea Party (Video):

Grayson is a great example of the “soft” media bias that shields Democrats.  He’s a straight-up foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic who daily says the kind of idiotic and offensive things that would immediately end any Republican’s career.  More importantly, if he was a Republican, every other member of the party would be routinely asked to denounce him, right up to the President.  Failure to do so would be considered agreement with his lunacy, and if they obliged with the denunciations, the party would be slammed for its willingness to tolerate a maniac that everyone denounces on a constant basis.

We saw the same thing with Filthy Filner, whose party affiliation had all but vanished from media accounts before his sordid tale was done.  I don’t recall a single instance of anyone in the press asking anyone else in the Democrat Party to denounce him, linking him with other Democrat abuses to form a narrative about the party, or even asking sensible questions about how much his party colleagues knew about his behavior when he served in Congress.  Like Grayson and every other Democrat embarrassment, Filner existed in complete isolation, separated from the rest of the Party by light-years of media void.

The other interesting thing about Grayson is that he’s not really all that far from mainstream thought in this deeply sick, increasingly totalitarian Party.  The whole “disagreement with Obama is racism” line of thought – found in Party political speeches and the daily utterances of certain left-wing media figures – is pure totalitarianism, verging on fascism.  All disagreement with the Dear Leader is fundamentally illegitimate; no one has a rational or sincere argument against him; all those outside the State and its glorious Party are therefore enemies of the people. 

I’ve gotten past the point where I feel much in the way of anger when I hear everyone who shares my beliefs denounced as a presumptive racist.  Mostly I think about the history of the Twentieth Century, and feel creeped out, to put it mildly.


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