NBC Disappears Deadly ObamaCare Report UPDATE: It's Back

NBC Disappears Deadly ObamaCare Report UPDATE: It's Back

In response to NBC: Administration Knew Most People Would Not Be Able to Keep Their Plans:

 Via Gateway Pundit:

Late Monday night the shocking NBC report that alleged that the administration knew all the time that Obama’s oft repeated pledge, “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” would not prove true for millions of Americans, was disappeared from the site.

The report was linked by Drudge and dozens of news outlets and blogs.  Monday night it was the number one story on Memorandum.

And now it’s been flushed down the memory hole.

I wonder what caused the story to be deleted? Some kind of website glitch? Second thoughts? A profanity-laced call from a White House flack threatening to cut off access to his highness if they kept it up?

Oh look….a White House flack sets the record straight on Twitter.

Via Twitchy: 


The story is back at a new location.


Via John Hayward reporting here at the Conversation:

The NBC report later reappeared at a different web address… with a few of the most damning paragraphs surgically removed.
 These were stealth edits, made without acknowledgement or explanation.
 Under pressure for watchdogs in the wee hours of the morning, the
original article was restored, again without acknowledgement. 

NBC says this was all due to a “glitch” and problems with their
happened, especially since the “publishing tool” randomly decided to
clip out a few of the paragraphs that hurt the Obama Administration

Ah–so it was my first  guess, “some sort of website glitch.” This is indeed “the Season of the Glitch.”


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