Senator Mike Lee To Address Heritage Foundation

One of my favorite amigos in the U.S. Senate, Senator Mike “Se Habla Espanol” Lee of Utah will be delivering a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, October 29, named, “What’s Next for Conservatives?”

This event is open to press and will stream online

The Senator’s press shop just put out this info, so tune make sure you catch the speech online. 

Who: Senator Mike Lee

What: Speech titled “What’s Next for Conservatives”

Where: The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Auditorium and online

When: Tuesday, October 29 at 2pm ET

It is fair to assume that Lee will deliver his speech in English, and not Espanol, as many of you “peeps” may not know that Senador (Espanol for Senator) Lee is fluent in Espanol.

And ‘Yes,’ he speaks Spanish with his close amigo, Marco Rubio, when conspiring against those pesky liberal Democratic Senators, “Dingy’ Harry Reid, and Chuck “You” Schumer. (H/T Rush Limbaugh) 

Check out these funny videos of Lee speaking Espanol:


Talking sequester:


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