The kids are not all right

In response to Young, Healthy, Middle Class American Has Obama-Scare On Halloween Night (Video):

I am proud to announce that, according to the folks at Generation Opportunity, I was the first one to catch the significance of the main character’s name in the Creepy ObamaCare Uncle Sam Halloween video.

I’m really curious to take the pulse of millennial Americans about the ObamaCrash.  They’re probably still making up their minds about it.  For one thing, it’s increasingly clear they don’t completely understand how the individual mandate works.  Some of them don’t know the trans-constitutional tax/penalty will be assessed as a percentage of their income.  A lot of them don’t quite understand that they’re going to get fined for failing to purchase health insurance from Obama’s broken website.  I wonder if those concepts won’t achieve complete penetration until after New Year’s, when – to borrow a phrase popular among younger people – s**t starts getting real.

What do they make of the ObamaCrash, though?  It’s more than just a cosmic embarrassment for the Administration, and a source of blood-boiling outrage to those who wonder how Obama can spend half a billion dollars on a non-functional website that might have to be completely torn down and rebuilt.  It’s a total buzzkill for the young, who were supposed to march off this cliff like excited lemmings because Katy Perry told them to. 

The crash is giving them time to reconsider, and grow increasingly nervous as the size of those ObamaCare premiums becomes clear, without the cover provided by a web system that can automatically cover a chunk of the cost at taxpayer expense before twentysomethings see the final bill.  A lot of them will feel sarcastic amusement and outright contempt at the gang that couldn’t launch a damn web site in 2013.  That’s going to further reduce their enthusiasm level for their scheduled fleecing.

I wonder if some of that fashionable campus anti-corporatism might come into play as well.  What’s ObamaCare, when you get right down to it, except a fat tax increase to line government’s pockets… and a redistribution scheme that shovels money to politically-connected private corporations?  Even when the subsidies are automatically backed out of ObamaCare premiums, the bottom line is that taxpayer money is getting handed over to corporations, whose product just became a compulsory purchase.  Give young people some more time to think about that, combined with the obvious incompetence of the program’s launch, and there’s an opening for Republicans to peel off a good chunk of the youth vote in 2014.