Pelosi Sets Up the Next Battle…

Although many are rightfully consumed with the website and policy disaster, don’t miss Nancy Pelosi’s latest comments on the budget deal.

The Hill reports:

New revenue must be part of any bipartisan agreement to eliminate the sequester, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday.

Although President Obama has reportedly signaled an openness to tackle the across-the-board cuts without hiking taxes, Pelosi warned that such a strategy wouldn’t fly with House Democrats.

Get ready for the next battle. Here come the recycled talking points about Republicans being allies of the rich and Democrats looking out for the poor. Get ready for Occupy Wall Street-esque 1% vs. 99% nonsense. Be prepared for the demonization of anyone who dares to seriously address entitlement reform while refusing to cripple job creators.

It’s tired. It’s old. But it effectively assisted Obama’s reelection, so you can count on it heading our way again.

These talking points from the Left are embarrassingly predictable. So, the GOP should already have a marketing strategy in place to combat them before they even pop up.

I’m hoping they’ve learned something from the last few years.

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