FAA Letting Us Use Electronic Gadgets On Flights

This is actually convenient. We won’t have towait for our phones to upload, once the flight has landed, and  the go ahead is given to turn them on. Theonly downside I see here will be the simultaneous conversations being held,that would make for a loud and annoying landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration saysairlines can allow passengers to use the devices during takeoffs and landingson planes that meet certain criteria for protecting aircraft systems fromelectronic interference.

Most new airliners are expected to meet thecriteria, but changes won’t happen immediately. Timing will depend upon theairline.

Connections to the Internet to surf, exchangeemails, text or download data will still be prohibited below 10,000 feet.Heavier devices like laptops will have to be stowed. Passengers will be told toswitch their smartphones, tablets and other devices to airplane mode.-AP