Landrieu (D) Throws Obama Under Bus, Looks To Save Her Seat in 2014

In response to Another Democrat bails out of the Titanic:

Didn’t Rubio just proposed the same bill, “If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can Keep It Act?”

Yup, on October 30, Rubio filed this bill, and I will go ahead and assume that Landrieu’s bill took  direction from his bill. 

“When we passed the Affordable Care Act, we did so with the intention that if you liked your health plan, you could keep it. A promise was made and this legislation will ensure that this promise is kept.  For many consumers, plans in the Marketplaces may offer superior coverage at a good value that saves them money. But people should be able to keep their plans if they want to.”

Landrieu didn’t just offer up a simple crapola sandwich of a bill to Americans, this political sandwich itself was upsized to include a large beverage of BS and order of fries.

At least Landrieu did acknowledge that Obama broke his promised that Americans would be able to keep their existing healthcare plans.