Media's Big Lies of Omission in NJ and VA

Already the media are relentlessly spinning tonight’s gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey as the death of conservatism and the Tea Party. Oddly enough (not really), what we are not hearing from the media are any of the unspoken truths about both races that might work against the media’s relentless crusade to protect the status quo.

We keep hearing that Ken  Cuccinelli is doomed in Virginia because he is too conservative. But no one in the media is saying that Chris Christie might be coasting to re-election because his Democrat opponent is too liberal for New Jersey.

That wouldn’t fit the agenda.

Something else the media doesn’t want to talk about is something they love to talk about when it fits their Koch-brothers/Citizens United conspiracy theories: Cuccinelli was outspent by $4 million/2-to-1 in Virginia.

Where is all the media hand-wringing about too much money in Virginia politics?

But that wouldn’t fit the agenda.

In order to push their agenda, the media is sizing up both races and dropping all their analysis into a box labelled “The Tea Party Is Doomed.”

The truth, though, is that it is much more complicated than that. And it is also true that had the media wanted to, they could have turned both of these elections into a referendum on a out-of-touch Democrat candidate being too liberal in one state and Democrat money poisoning the well in another.

But that wouldn’t fit the agenda.