Serial Human Guinea Pig To Sell Testicle for 35 K

Serial Human Guinea Pig To Sell Testicle for 35 K

A Las Vegas man, who has previously taken part in paid medical studies including one that involved the Ebola virus and another where he was paid $5,000 and monitored for a week in an experiment never tested on humans or animals before, has his sights set on a $35,000 pay day. The only thing he needs to do is give up one of his testicles – a prospect that the man says makes him “excited” and “anxious.” 

Mark Parisi, who is being profiled on TLC’s program “Extreme Cheapskates” on Wednesday, said in an interview that he’s hoping to be accepted into a study that requires one of his testicles to be removed and replaced by an artificial one. For that, he would be compensated 35 K and some surgical scrubs. 

He also told the broadcaster that he had hoped to participate in a “flatline” medical trial, but that study was stopped in its tracks by the US Food and Drug Administration: “What they do is they stop your heart for one minute, but you still breathe. Stay there 14 days, pays $25,000. But the FDA kind of stepped in and stopped that.”  

Parisi’s seemingly serial participation in medical trials is partly motivated by the access to free medical check ups he receives – check ups that can cost upwards of $700.  

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