How Much Money Should the Party Invest in a Candidate….

who has an RCP average deficit of 7%? 

Serious question. I find myself oddly on the “establishment class” side on this.  Some polling showed Cooch down by double digits. Is that really winnable? Is everything really always “Establishment v. Tea Party” or was this a case where the RNC decided this was unwinnable and they didn’t want to waste money? 

ETA: The Committees are in the business of retaining seats/offices. It’s not surprising they support incumbents over challengers in primaries, since incumbents have an advantage. But in a general election? Is the “establishment” really looking to screw over a possible R Governorship (one that we lost, not one that we would have gained at that) just because the candidate wasn’t “establishment” enough?

We have to have an honest evaluation of electoral failures or else we can’t course correct. 

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