ObamaCare is also a corporate payoff with tax dollars

Here’s another thing for anti-business left-wing crusaders to keep in mind about ObamaCare:

1. It’s a law requiring people to buy a product from private corporations.  The private corporations in question are generally supportive of that idea.

2. It does not limit the amount of money private corporations can charge for the product.  Curious, no?  ObamaCare mandates the services they must provide, and forces them to issue insurance policies to guaranteed-loss customers with existing conditions, but it’s not a regime of iron price controls.  It could have been, but it’s not, because such a move would have turned the insurance industry decisively against it – they would have been signing their death warrants by supporting a law that forced them to operate at a loss.

3. ObamaCare radically increases the premiums paid by many customers.  It also promises to offset some of those premium hikes with taxpayer subsidies.  In other words, money will flow from the Treasury to insurance companies.

4. If there aren’t enough young and health suckers willing to pay those elevated premiums, the insurance companies will go bust.  They’re going to run to Obama and demand a federal bailout if that happens.  Anyone who opposes the bailout will be called a heartless SOB who wants to wipe out health insurance for poor people.  Bailout = money from Treasury going to insurance companies.

5. A distinguishing feature of these ObamaCare policies is huge out-of-pocket costs.  Deductibles of over ten thousand dollars per year have been reported.  Needless to say, poor Americans won’t be able to pay those deductibles.  They’ll cry out for subsidies.  Anyone who resists this demand will be called a heartless SOB who wants poor people to die.  Once again, the net result will be money from the Treasury going to insurance companies (by allowing them to sell high-deductible policies at high prices no one would have paid, before the government compelled them to do so) and the various medical industries that charge those deductibles.  Here’s a little sneak preview of what will happen: when taxpayer billions are poured into ever more heavily subsidized health care, the price of that health care sure as hell isn’t going down.  Take a look at the student loan business if you’d care to see the principle in action.

So what we’ve got are all these cash pipelines running from taxpayer wallets into the insurance companies and related industries, which is a big reason Obama was able to round up industry support for his little scheme.  It’s fashionable for liberals today to accuse the insurance companies of using ObamaCare as an excuse to cancel insurance policies.  Why is anyone surprised that when Big Government and Big Business collude, the little guy always gets hosed?