Unless Website Is Fixed, Many Who Lost Insurance Are Screwed in 38 Days

Unless Website Is Fixed, Many Who Lost Insurance Are Screwed in 38 Days

Forget the politics. Just for a moment forget whether you are for or against ObamaCare. Forget the noise, numbers, glitches, and hearings.

There is a potential catastrophe looming for thousands, if not millions of Americans, and no one in the media is acknowledging it, much less pressing the White House for an answer.

According to the Associated Press, 3.5 million Americans have already received cancellation notices from their health insurance companies. Before the end of the year, that number could double.

Not all, but too many of these people are being thrown onto the federal ObamaCare exchange which, as you might have heard, is not working.

In order to be insured before your now-cancelled insurance expires on January 1, you  have to enroll through the ObamaCare site no later than December 15. That is a mere 38 days away.

The Administration has promised to get the exchange working for a “vast majority” of people by November 30.

What if the Department of Health and Human Services misses the deadline?

What if the exchanges aren’t working well enough to re-insure those who have already had their policies cancelled?

Does the White House have a Plan B?

There is a very real possibility that tens, or even hundreds of thousands of Americans, could find themselves uninsured at the end of the year through no fault of their own.

The thought of that is stressful enough for the healthy, but what about those who are already sick?

White House assurances that the website will be working in time are just not good enough. 


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