Harry Reid Finds ObamaCare Complaints Amusing – They Make Him Laugh (Video)

The Senate Majority Leader did himself proud, today, on the Senate floor where he suggested that Republican complaints about ObamaCare were not valid criticisms, but “jokes” that make he and his colleagues laugh. 

Via The Daily Caller:

In a speech on the Senate floor Thursday, the Nevada Democrat didn’t address any of the GOP’s specific complaints about the law. But he playfully suggested that Republicans, in order to save time, just “number their one through 50 criticisms of Obamacare” and yell out a number when they want to reference a specific complaint.

“We’ve heard things so many times, we would immediately laugh because basically they’re jokes,” Reid said.

I’m just wondering what part of people getting kicked off their plans and having to pay higher premiums under ObamaCare, is funny to him?

Funny how, Dingy? Is stage-four gallbladder cancer survivor Edie Littlefield Sundby “funny like a clown” to you? 

Senator McConnell responded by saying: “Let’s work together to undo the harm of Obamacare and start over with real, bipartisan, cost-saving reforms…reforms that will actually allow Americans to keep the health plans they like.”

The Senate Minority Leader continued with a lukewarm admonition: “It’s way past time for Democrats to end this blame game. Instead, they need to start acknowledging the consequences of their law, and actually do something about the mess they created.”

Senator Cruz posted a video of some of Reid’s amazing remarks on the Senate floor today on Youtube: 

Reid: “Stop carping about this. Get OVER it. It’s the LAW! It’s the legacy of Barack Obama and always will be!”

An explanation of the Democrats’ policy, here, via Chairman Ann: ‘We vote and vote and vote, until it finally comes out their way, then we never vote again. (This, too, is detailed in “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3.”) That’s why the moment this greased-through, widely detested law was enacted, liberals began hailing it as the “law of the land.” How dare you question “settled law”? Are you unpatriotic?’

For an exhaustive list of Harry Reid’s most obnoxious statements, see: Dingy Harry’s Long, Sordid History of Verbal Diarrhea.


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