GOP Needs to Become Like The Democratic Party, If They Want to Win Elections

In response to When You Win You Don’t Have To Explain:

David, Dave, The Dave, Dave-a-roonie,

You are absolutely right. However, the fringe element of the conservative movement, which includes all of those purists and quasi-Libertarians, who think that it has to be “their way or the highway.” Geez,  I had that cliche!

Oh, and let’s not forget those Libertarians, who arrogantly pushed their Libertarian Party candidate in Virginia, and helped defeat Cuccinelli.

This is the case with Rubio. Rubio is wrong on immigration, but he’s been on the right side of every other issue, and still these “fringers” will dismiss him as a “traitor” or “sell out.”

No one has been more vocal about Rubio’s stance on immigration than me, and I am his friend.

We will continue to lose unless we do like the Democrats, and come together after a primary and embrace him or her- supporting them through the general election. That is what the Dems do it, and they win.