Obama To Reach Around Congress For Climate Legacy?

The Hill posits that, with more of Obama’s agenda either hamstrung, or dead because of Congressional in-fighting, the EPA’s ability to skirt the legislative process trhough rule-making may provide him his best shot for a long-term legacy.

… there’s one thing that’s going right for Obama: Executive action on climate change is moving full-speed ahead at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“He may be able to do more through climate change [rules] because the EPA has the authority,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told The Hill on Thursday.

Of course, that will also have a negative impact on economic growth; however, whatever it is that actually constitutes Obama’s grand idea of ‘change,’ economic prosperity for America and Americans has never appeared to play much of a roll. 

The most far-reaching piece of Obama’s climate plan is carbon emission standards for the nation’s fleet of existing power plants, by far the largest single source of industrial carbon emissions. The EPA is also writing standards for new plants.