Big Government will never face the bunco squad

I’ve been saying since the outset of the ObamaCrash that if Barack Obama were a private-sector CEO – a comparison he loves to make, when he thinks it flatters him – he’d be under arrest, facing fraud charges that would financially destroy him, and put him behind bars for decades.  ObamaCare is 100 percent pure consumer fraud.  It was sold on a number of entirely false premises.  When the public elected Obama, and when his party found the congressional muscle to push the Affordable Care Act through, the public signed a “contract” that was filled with false promises and sold with false advertising.  The other side of that contract is now saying that it can’t get anywhere close to fulfilling its terms.  It can’t deliver the benefits it promised, its services have amounted to a pile of overpriced junk, and the cost is going to be astronomically higher than originally presented.

Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy took a long and serious look at this topic at National Review, and figures the Shamwow President would be in hot water if he were judged by the same standards as corporate figures who knowingly make false statements with billion-dollar implications:

Recall that President Obama knew three years ago, based on internal analyses, that because of his administration’s own regulation-writing, millions of Americans would lose the health plans he nonetheless continued to promise they could keep. The president hid the data . . . just as did those financial institutions that his trusty attorney general has sued. Comparatively speaking, though, the financial institutions defrauded significantly fewer victims. Thus it is noteworthy that Holder is now demanding that the institutions pay hundreds of millions of dollars for their fraudulent misrepresentations.

The comparison with Martha Stewart is instructive:

Ms. Stewart, naturally, was fearful that truthful statements would send the stock price plummeting. Obama, by comparison, was not lying merely to prevent a company from losing value. His fraud was, first, to induce passage of a plan designed gradually to destroy the private health-insurance market — a plan that barely passed and never would have been enacted if he’d been honest. And later, his fraud was to procure his reelection and the guaranteed implementation of Obamacare; had he been honest, he would have been defeated and Obamacare forestalled.

But of course, as McCarthy goes on to acknowledge, Obama won’t be sued for fraud, he won’t be indicted by the Justice Department, and he won’t even be impeached, which is the remedy provided for his level of dishonesty.  It’s not even certain that the fraud will end.  It’s as if Bernie Madoff’s scheme stood a 60-40 chance of rolling onward, even after everyone knew what his little game was.  The battle to repeal ObamaCare is still an uphill fight; Democrats have grown a bit more subdued with their dictatorial assertions that ObamaCare is the “settled law of the land,” but they still feel that way, even as they’ve got lists of other settled laws they want to do away with tucked in their pockets.

ObamaCare should not only be repealed, it should take a big chunk of the corrupt statist system with it.  Let it stand as an eternal object lesson to the American people: don’t sign a contract with people who cannot be sued for fraud.