Amazon to the rescue

In response to Amazon to Make Sunday Deliveries Using the Postal Service:

That actually sounds like a pretty good idea.  If Amazon and other online retailers can make positive use of these resources – a flagging system whose infrastructure has been around for a very long time – that’s great.

Hey, remember how after Hurricane Sandy, liberals were furiously banging out editorials that insisted “only Big Government can do big things?”  That was pretty funny, wasn’t it?  The reality is ObamaCare blowing the American health insurance to smithereens with a fifty-megaton fusion of blind ideology, corrupt waste, and bureaucratic incompetence.  The reality is riding to the rescue of the U.S. Postal Service.

Update: Further illustrating the point, three twentysomething software entrepreneurs turn in “a few late nights” and do what Barack Obama’s $500 million team of incompetent politically-connected government-managed web designers couldn’t manage in three and a half years.