ObamaCare navigators help applicants commit fraud

Inevitably, the undercover cameras of Project Veritas made their way into an ObamaCare “navigator” operation, and inevitably they found what they were looking for: helpful staffers cheerfully willing to advise people to lie on their applications, concealing income and lifestyle choices so they would get higher subsidies and lower premiums.  If you thought the billion-dollar fraud scandals rocking programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit and “free” cell phones were shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Incidentally, people in the video note several times that Texas has the largest uninsured population in the nation.  I’ll bet you already know the reason why, but here’s a 2011 Washington Post article that runs through a couple of factors – a lot of jobs that don’t include insurance benefits, adhering to the federally mandated Medicaid minimums, a shockingly “unregulated” market that actually allows insurance providers to charge higher premiums to older and sicker people (the horror!) – before finally getting around to the teensy tiny itty bitty little factor that explains fully one-quarter of the state’s uninsured population.  

And it’s a “problem” ObamaCare does not address at all.  At least, not legally.