Moderate Republican Chris Latvala Wants to Purge Conservatives From GOP

Consultant and candidate for the Florida legislature, Chris Latvala, appearing more like a petulant child pitching a adolescent fit, rather than a  candidate for the Florida Legislature,when he took to Twitter yesterday to defend is dad.

  Chris Latvala, a moderate Republican, is son of State Senator Jack Latvala, a former Charlie Crist Republican. Latvala took issue with a story the Shark Tank posted about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist  and his panning for GOP donations on the west coast of Florida.

 The lovable moderate Latvala, Jr. targeted me, and conservatives as a whole, when he said that he was going to purge conservatives “crazies” from the GOP, if he was elected to office.

 Yes, would you believe that a moderate wants to get rid the GOP of conservatives? 

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