The GOP Needs To Unite Behind Full Repeal – There Is No 'Fixing' ObamaCare

In response to ‘Keep your plan’ bills are the beginning of repeal:

Sadly, many of the same Republicans who opposed the Ted Cruz and Mike Lee strategy of defunding ObamaCare, are now playing footsie with Dems on these phony “fixes” that are  lose/lose situations for the GOP.

In fact, Erick Erickson is warning that the Landrieu fix is a trap.

Senator Mary Landrieu has written legislation in the United States Senate that the Democrats love. It mandates insurance companies have to keep people on their present insurance. The GOP is supposedly against mandates and against government forcing private businesses and individuals into contracts they don’t want.

Erickson says Democrats will switch the toothless House plan with the Landrieu plan, and then the House will be forced to either vote for something they are philosophically against, or look like big meanies siding with the evil insurance companies and against the people. “The GOP are walking right into a trap,” he declares.

Folks are arguing that it doesn’t matter –  the Landrieu plan doesn’t stand a chance of being signed into law by Obama, anyway. But if the ultimate goal is to put private insurance companies out of business, wouldn’t this be a good way to do that?

What Republicans should be doing is staying clear of any ObamaCare “fixes” that give Dems political cover, and talk up full repeal while the public is in full recoil mode.

And it would really, really help A LOT if they could unify behind a health care plan of their own to replace ObamaCare with.


I was informed by @FakeSamRosado that there has been a House GOP plan since late Sept: The American Health Care Reform Act.

But if I (someone who pays pretty close attention to the news), didn’t know about it, I’m sure the average Joe hasn’t.

Republicans need to be out there talking up this health care plan, every day. One of the left’s favorite  talking points has been that the GOP haven’t offered any ideas of their own on how to fix our health care system.