Obama threatens to veto the measure he just called for

Earlier today, I expressed some doubts that Republicans would be able to pull off the political bank shot of introducing a “keep your plan” bill that would have unpleasant consequences for the already ObamaCare-ravaged insurance industry, and would get their fingerprints on the disaster, as Democrats desperately want… while betting that Obama would veto the bill, taking all the political damage without costing Republicans anything.

My apologies to the GOP, because it worked.  Just hours after calling for measures equivalent to the Keep Your Health Plan Act in the House – measures Obama lacks the legal authority to enforce without Congress – and burbling all sorts of promises that he can’t wait to work with Republicans to help all those poor people who are losing their insurance plans, Obama threatened to veto the bill.

Hey, America, remember how I said you could keep your plan if you liked it, period?  I lied.  But now I really mean it, and I want to help you keep your plan.  Haha!  Psych!  I was lying again!  Want to see me lie some more?  This is fun, right?

Somehow I don’t think the millions of Americans outraged about Obama’s Big Lie are going to feel more warmly toward him after watching him play political games with their lives.