Another ObamaCare talking point is dead and gone

In response to Laszewski on Kelly File: ‘This just makes everything so much worse’:

Bob Laszewski must have one of the cleanest backgrounds in America, because he’s going to be investigated by every federal agency by the time he’s done shooting his mouth off.  His IRS audits will be epic.  They’ll be subpoenaing rental records from defunct Blockbuster stores to find out if he’s ever returned a video late.  If he’s got a tomato plant in his backyard, it’s going to be swarming with Department of Agriculture inspectors.  I’m surprised the left-wing blogger hit squad hasn’t pushed character-assassin articles about him into the mainstream media yet.  At the very least, we’re probably going to end up hearing a lot about how rich he is.

As to the point he made to Megyn Kelly, why yes,, that would seem to be a bit of checkmate, wouldn’t it?  The moldering skeletons of so many dead-and-gone Democrat talking points lie half-buried in the sands of time behind us, a trail of bones leading back across the eternity of the last five weeks, but at one point they were rather loudly insisting that nothing in ObamaCare compelled any provider to cancel any insurance plans.  Every stooge in the liberal blogosphere repeated this talking point a thousand times.  And now it’s gone, gone, gone… just another yellowed skull grinning at them from the trail of dead propaganda, already fading into the mists of history, and they’ll grow angry if anyone remembers that they passionately believed it just 48 hours ago.

It’s astonishing how long that trail of exhausted lies stretches back behind us.  September seems like a thousand years ago.  Just a few weeks back, Obama dead-enders were loudly insisting that nobody was losing their insurance at all – it was just a ruse cooked up by Republicans.  Those anguished cancer patients wailing about lost coverage and lost access to the doctors who kept them alive?  They didn’t know what they were talking about.  Those plans they claimed to love?  Junk sold by “bad apple” flim-flam artists.  The people were fools, utter fools, to pay for these garbage policies, which did not even include necessities such as maternity coverage for men, or drug counseling benefits for tee-totalers.  His Majesty was doing his ignorant subjects a favor by killing those plans before the pitiful wretches could pay another monthly premium!

The people losing insurance are just a few eggs who must be broken to make the great ObamaCare omelette – the White House has a hundred ways to tell you what a tiny fraction of the population they represent, even as they frantically count every half-completed scrap of data in an online shopping cart to pump up those dismal ObamaCare enrollment numbers, in yet another act of outright fraud that will probably get dismantled in congressional hearings a few weeks from now.  Of course, Obama still tries to flog that talking point occasionally – he made a point of whining about what a tiny percentage of the populace the ObamaCare victims represent in his “Fumble” press conference on Thursday.  

But the actions of the President and his panicked party belie the notion that this is a tiny band of malcontents that can be safely ignored.  Democrats are no longer scoffing at their canceled policies as rubbish that had to be taken away from them for their own good.  Lefty pundits and White House aides are no longer cranking out “pushback” articles attacking cancer patients for daring to voice their complaints.  They’re still very interested in fooling the public into thinking the cancellations are all the fault of greedy, heartless insurance executives, but their actions powerfully betray their false words.

These shameless frauds know that the coming avalanche of lost policies from the collapsing employer market will dwarf the numbers we’ve seen so far.  They just want to keep the American people numb and confused until Democrats can scrape through the midterm elections, because once that’s done, they tyrants are convinced no level of public anguish can threaten the survival of the program.  Obama’s omelette will never be unscrambled, no matter how rancid its stench.  They just have to bamboozle the rubes for one more election cycle, and then it won’t matter what the peons think any more, or how much they miss their murdered insurance plans.

Almost invisible in the distance, are the great dragon skeletons of Obama’s Big Lies.  The wind still carries ghostly whispers across the political aeons as it howls through their bones: If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period.  No one is going to take it away from you.  If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.  I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.  

You can still see videotapes of these terrible monsters when they were alive, but Obama now insists they were a myth, and you shouldn’t believe anything your lying eyes and ears tell you.


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