San Diego Will Vote to Replace Filthy Filner Today

San Diego will head to the polls today for a special mayoral election to determine a replacement for disgraced Democrat Bob “Filthy” Filner. Filner left office amid a sexual harassment scandal garnering nationwide attention and ridicule. 

No single candidate is expected to get to 50 + 1 so the race is to determine who will go to a run-off. The top contenders in the race are (my choice) Councilman Kevin Faulconer (R); City Councilman David Alvarez (D); chameleon Nathan Fletcher currently a Democrat, formerly a Republican;  and Democrat and former City Attorney Mike “evacuate San Diego” Aguirre. 

Falconer is expected to lead  the race and secure a place in the run-off. Alvarez and Fletcher are angling for that second slot. Recent polling shows them neck and neck. 

San Diego News 10 is reporting that nearly 37% of the electorate has already voted. The polls close at 8pm.